Recipe: Oyster omelet

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster omelet


蚵仔煎 (闽南 ǒu ā jīan, Mandarin translated as “海蛎煎”) is the most famous Taiwanese snack. It is a cake fried with rice, potato, onion or garlic. Shape. The finished product tastes sticky and Q. The pure sweet potato powder skillfully enhances the umami taste of the fat glutinous rice, the soil eggs, the winter simmer, and the delicious sautéed lard to fry the delicious oyster omelet. Topped with miso, ketchup, chili, soy sauce and other sauces to make the perfect match. The oyster omelet, which was originally a poor food, has become exquisite and delicious. The sweetness has a salty, salty and spicy taste, and the mouth is full of aftertaste. ——【From Baidu】



  1. First simmer the oysters in boiling water for 5 seconds. It will not be long after a long time.

  2. Three eggs were broken. Cut the leek into small pieces and add a little carrot

  3. Mix all the ingredients, add a little flour or starch, add a pinch of salt, mix well

  4. Heat the frying pan into the oil, pour in the egg mixture, flatten it, change to medium heat, fry the hard, turn over and fry until it is cooked.

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