Recipe: Oyster mushroom stewed chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster mushroom stewed chicken wings


The upgraded version of the chicken stewed mushrooms is really delicious, highly recommended, bringing warmth and happiness to the cold autumn. This oyster mushroom is better. It is the father who picks up the person and picks it up. It is blown up by himself. It is not too much to eat. It is not too much, and it is eaten and cherished. My husband said that this is the best food he has ever eaten. Vegetable ???????????? (ps mouth sweet husband said so every time hahaha)



  1. The oyster mushrooms are washed for half an hour, and the chicken wings are soaked in salt water for half an hour. (In order to taste can cut in half)

  2. Boiling the chicken wings to the blood, boil.

  3. Pour the oil into the hot pot, put the ginger slices and the onion segments to scent, into the chicken wings, stir fry the water, pour the water, put the mushrooms, and pour the seafood sauce. Stew for 15 minutes and juice.


I chose the Haitian seafood sauce in soy sauce, and I tried to pour it while I taste it. After the juice is collected, the taste will be more intense.

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