Recipe: Oyster mushroom scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster mushroom scrambled eggs


I wanted to eat mushrooms in the first two days. I went to the supermarket and saw only mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and enoki mushrooms. I bought this oyster mushroom. Small taste.



  1. The anhydrous oyster mushroom (I bought the packaging version of the mushroom family), first torn into the appropriate size by hand, then rinsed twice with water, without filtering out for use.

  2. Two eggs, into a small bowl, add a little salt, shredded spare.

  3. The rice cooker is adjusted to steamed and boiled (higher power). After the pot is hot, introduce a little cooking oil. When the oil is hot, pour the eggs evenly. Don't rush to turn over, wait for the eggs in the oily place to solidify (so you can say that), use chopsticks (to prevent the shovel from hurting the inside of the pot) and pull the solidified eggs to the side, let the still liquid eggs continue to smear, repeat until Almost all the eggs are solid, and they are easily smashed with chopsticks. Pay attention to the eggs, do not fry too much, hurt nutrition, fry light is best. Take out the pan.

  4. After the eggs are shoveled out, pour a little oil and add chopped garlic. After the oil is hot, the scent of the garlic is removed and you can pour the oyster mushrooms. Stir-fry for a while (using a shovel or chopsticks for shovel rice, the reason is also to protect the plating of the rice cooker). After the scent of the oyster mushroom is fried, pour a little water, and the amount of water should not exceed the amount of oyster mushrooms. Cover it, wait for the water to boil and open the lid to collect the water. When the water is received, drip the appropriate amount of soy sauce, then add some water for a while, add the appropriate amount of salt and chicken. (The water collection is the process of evaporation + cooking, so please open the lid of the rice cooker, or water will not evaporate)

  5. Pour the fried eggs, stir fry evenly, and turn off the electricity.


I can add some of my favorite condiments such as pepper, and I have limited conditions here. Wang stupid said that he likes to eat oyster mushrooms and scrambled eggs.

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