Recipe: Oyster mushroom ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster mushroom ribs soup


Today, Gu Yu, it started to rain in the evening yesterday, and it has not been broken. I can’t help but sigh that God’s super efficacious, and the twenty-four solar terms are not bad. It is said that spring rain is as expensive as oil, spring rain is moist, and everything can flourish. While I am delighted with the arrival of the rain, I am also worried about how to catch up on the rainy day. Every rainy day, the road to work has become extraordinarily long, and it has been twisted and twisted. This morning, the class was blocked by rain on the road, the traffic jam was serious, and the beggar was once again late, not only that, but also the rain, the shoes, The clothes were all wet, and the whole day was cold and cold. Everything has the spring rain to grow and grow, and people need moisturizing and warmth. A bowl of delicious and delicious soup, like the spring rain of the moisturizer, can make people refreshed. Don't worry about the delicious soup, it's hard to cook, just a few simple combinations of ingredients, you can easily get it.



  1. Wash the ribs, put them in a cold water pot, remove the blood foam, remove them, put them in another pot of clear water, add a piece of ginger, a green onion and an octagonal, boil over high heat, simmer for 2 at low heat. Hours, made ribs soup

  2. Wash the oyster mushrooms, tear them into silk, and then remove the hot water.

  3. Ginger washed, peeled and shredded

  4. Wash the parsley, cut into small pieces

  5. Take the ribs and ribs soup, put them into the pot, boil them, put in the squid, ginger and a little salt, stew for 20 minutes on low heat until the mushrooms are soft and rotten. Sprinkle with parsley and a little sesame oil.


The bone soup is rich in amino acids and protein, and the oyster mushroom is also rich in amino acids (the flavor of the umami). The taste of the soup is delicious enough, so you don't have to add other seasonings such as chicken essence and mushroom essence. Just a little salt is enough.

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