Recipe: Oyster mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster mushroom


In the autumn, I tried to dry a little dried eggplant. The winter vegetables in the north are expensive and rare. Now it is time to stew the eggplant and eat it. It is too sweet with the specialties of the Northeast.



  1. All the dried eggplant, oyster mushrooms and soybeans are washed and soaked. The soybeans are boiled in boiling water for five minutes.

  2. First stir the oyster mushrooms and soybeans with oil, then add the eggplant and stir fry, put the salt and soy sauce, add the water and not the dish, cover the lid for about 10 minutes.


This year, I was the first to dry the eggplant, and it was late. When I was doing it, the eggplant was already very expensive, so I only made a little, and I also dried some dried beans. I remember that I had eaten a kind of dried cucumber in the restaurant, and it was delicious. What else can be dried up? The students also exchanged ideas. Let's do it next summer.

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