Recipe: Oyster frying

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster frying


"Oysters fried" many places like to call "蚝煎"! Last year, I traveled to Malaysia with my best friend, and I went to Georgetown and tasted the delicious “蚝煎” on Georgetown's food street. The locals have already regarded “蚝煎” as a street food snack in Malaysia. It is not difficult to imagine that 80% of the population of Georgetown is an overseas Chinese in Fujian. The original birthplace of “蚝煎” is Fujian, and the influence of a small “蚝煎” can be extraordinary! Southeast Asian countries, as well as in Taiwan and Hong Kong, can see a wide spread of "simmering". “蚝煎” seems to be very simple, the appearance does not seem to be much different from fried egg cakes. In fact, the traditional practice of simmering is far more complicated than imagined! Oysters are the best source of zinc, and zinc is first recommended for oysters. Zinc is one of the important materials that maintains the proper functioning of enzymes and cells, helps protein synthesis and insulin production, maintains acid-base balance in the body, and promotes collagen formation. Oysters are very rich in nutrients and are known as "marine milk." Oysters have a high zinc content, with 15.5 mg of zinc per 5 oysters, which is enough for the body.



  1. Chopped parsley and garlic; oysters are washed

  2. Tapioca powder, sticky rice flour, water 2:1:6 with water to make glutinous rice; eggs broken into egg liquid

  3. First use oil to fry the garlic and remove it for use.

  4. Continue to pour half of the flour into the pan, fry it into a thin round cake, and pour half of the egg

  5. When the egg liquid is about to solidify, add the fried fragrant garlic and season with a little oyster and seasoning.

  6. The remaining egg liquid and glutinous rice powder are similarly operated in the same manner as in the step 4, and the remaining oysters are all poured into the pot until the sides of the oyster sauté are completely solidified; when eating, a little sweet pepper sauce can be eaten.

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