Recipe: Oyster chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster chicken


The oyster sauce chicken is a home-cooked dish in Guangdong. The practice is relatively simple, but the color is bright and the chicken is tender and smooth. The first time, according to the online party, it is quite successful. As the saying goes, no chicken is not a feast. Last night's dinner, it was made as a cold dish, and was well received by the family.



  1. Pour the ingredients into the casserole and boil over low heat

  2. After the juice is boiled, let the chicken immerse in the juice, close the lid, continue to open the low heat for 2 minutes, then turn off the heat, do not open the lid, and turn over and continue to soak for half an hour.

  3. You can also heat it a little before eating, or you can cut it directly.


Tips: 1, because the chicken is tender, easy to cook, and the insulation of the casserole is very good, the whole process is mainly to use the residual temperature to be familiar. This can ensure the tenderness of the chicken; 2, the proportion of each ingredient is not recorded in detail, you can mix according to your own taste. It is also possible to add seasonings such as sesame oil or sand ginger powder. However, the ratio of soy sauce to water is basically 1:2. It is better to fill the whole chicken with juice as much as possible; 3, you can also use the microwave to make this dish.

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