Recipe: Oxtail stewed white radish soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Oxtail stewed white radish soup



  1. Ask the vendor to break the oxtail into a section. If you have time after returning home, soak it in cool water for about 3 hours. Then enter the cold water pot, open a big fire, wait for the water to open and then cook for 2 minutes, sputum bleeding, and then remove the spare, be careful not to stick to blood.

  2. Peel the white radish and cut it into a hob block for use. The onion is cut into pieces and ginger slices.

  3. Put the sirloin sirloin in a saucepan, add onion ginger and 20ML of cooking wine, then add boiling water to the end of eight minutes. The fire will boil the water, then turn to a small fire and stew for 2-3 hours.

  4. Add white radish pieces, a small amount of salt, boil the water in a big fire, then turn to low heat for about half an hour until the radish is ripe.

  5. When you drink soup, you can add salt and white pepper according to your own taste. You need to prepare the meat for the meat on the oxtail. I usually use the sesame sauce to eat the hot pot. You can pick a sauce according to your taste. Or just a little bit of vinegar can be used.

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