Recipe: Oxtail soup, assorted vegetable tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Oxtail soup, assorted vegetable tofu


A good soup to warm the body in the deep winter. You can use the oxtail soup soup cooked in the first day to bring assorted vegetable tofu. A soup consists of potatoes, carrots, chicken, fresh mushrooms, tofu, fans and other ingredients. It is delicious and nutritious.



  1. The oxtail water is removed from the froth and washed.

  2. Half of the onion is chopped, ginger is cut into two or three pieces, and the washed oxtail is added to the pot with a sufficient amount of water for 1-1.5 hours.

  3. The potato is cut into a hob block, and the carrot seedlings are peeled and washed. The tofu is cut into 4cm square and half-centimeter wide slices. The front side of the mushroom is engraved with rice-shaped flowers (can be omitted). Put them into the boiling pot, add appropriate amount of salt, continue to rub for 15 minutes. .

  4. Fans are cut into the stockpot for another 3 minutes, and the chicken is served before the pot.

  5. Put the chopped parsley in the soup bowl, that is, green garlic, pour the hot soup, and serve on the table.


It is best to choose sand-skinned potatoes with high starch content and soft taste. It can also be replaced with yam. Big carrots are also available, cutting the hobs. Green vegetables can also be selected from Artemisia halodendron, Chinese cabbage or Chinese cabbage.

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