Recipe: Oxtail soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Oxtail soup


Married in 6 years from the end of October every year to the second year of February, every month will spend a day to give her husband a pot of soup, and then every night he will return to work will give him a hot bowl, hot drink. Because I live in Japan, I prefer to use the oxtail of the cow to soup. When the domestic friends are shopping in the supermarket, they must choose a thicker oxtail. Don’t ask me why, because others say this to me, there is no picture, and the next time I do it, I will send it again.



  1. Cut the onion, slice the ginger, peel the garlic, and wash the oxtail with water.

  2. Put the water in the pot, put a pair of onions and two cloves of garlic 2~3 cloves of garlic, put the washed oxtail into the pot (the oxtail must be cold water into the pot), the fire begins to boil the water, and the boiled water must be boiled in time. Dirty things out are thrown out, don't stay in the pot. Boil the water for 4 to 5 minutes, boil the dirty things in the tail.

  3. Turn off the fire, put the oxtail in a leaking basket and cool it with cold water. At the time of cooling down, throw away all the onion ginger and garlic used in boiling water. (Do not feel pity, the above has absorbed a lot of bloody smell on the oxtail, if you continue to use Will affect the taste of the soup), brush the pot of boiling water and connect it with cold water to put the unused onion ginger and garlic into the pot (personal recommendation not to put the pepper and the cooking wine)

  4. At this time, the temperature of the oxtail should not be hot. Rinse the oxtail in cold water, try to wash off the dirty things left on the oxtail in boiling water, then put the washed oxtail into the water pot and boil the fire. Turn to a small fire and cook for 4 to 6 hours for a long time. During this period, look at the position of the soup every half an hour to an hour, so that you can fill the water to avoid the dry pot (if your soup pot is well sealed) You can check it in 1 to 1 and a half hours, and don't use the pressure cooker. It is not called soup.)

  5. When the oxtail soup is cooked for 4 to 5 hours, you will find that the soup has become milky white. When the time comes, turn off the fire, and the husband gets off work and gives the husband a hot drink. (The longer the cooking time, the thicker the soup is). There is also salty salt that can be put into the soup bowl when you drink it. The soup in the pot should not be seasoned. It must be boiled and consumed before drinking every day.


1. Why do you have to get rid of dirty things when boiling water? Because of this, to avoid the adsorption of these dirty things on the oxtail and the soup pot 2, why is the oxtail in the state of boiling water, cold water cooling and washing? Because cold water cools down, 1 is to not burn yourself when washing; 2 is to make the meat of the oxtail more compact, not too loose in the next long cooking state. As for the flushing, the reason is very simple, that is, the residual dirt is washed away, so as to avoid the soup that is cooked later, there is a kind of "smelly smell". 3 Why should the boiled onion ginger and garlic be thrown away instead of washing? The reason for continuing to use is very simple, because they have already adsorbed a lot of bloody smell on the tail of the ox in the process of boiling water. If the washing continues, the step of rinsing the oxtail that has been boiled before is white, and the soup is still cooked. There will be a oxtail soup that has a "smelly taste". Maybe everyone will think that I am more emotional, but I am telling the truth. If you don’t believe that you can do an experiment at home, you will know.

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