Recipe: Oxtail soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Oxtail soup



  1. Wash the oxtail with cold water for 2 hours to remove the blood from the bones and wash it.

  2. Heat the hot water, put 2 small spoons of cooking wine inside, put the oxtail into the pot, remove it, and rinse the blood on the bone under the tap.

  3. Take a deep pot and put it into clean water, then put it into the oxtail bone, boil it on the fire, carefully remove the floating foam, then put the ginger onion and white vinegar (favorable for the precipitation of calcium)

  4. Change the small fire cover and cover for 3 hours until the soup is thick and the bones and meat on the bones are bad.

  5. Put salt when you drink


A good soup can be directly added with salt, used to cook vegetables and dumpling noodles, very good

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