Recipe: Oxtail Borscht "Tomato Oxtail Soup - The Taste of Russian Mother"

Home Cooking Recipe: Oxtail Borscht


Borscht has always been a favorite, sweet and sour soup, oxtail crispy, so hot in a cold winter day, simply satisfied!



  1. Wash the oxtail in cold water to remove blood, change the water every half an hour, preferably for more than two hours, soak the oxtail and use the kitchen paper to dry the water.

  2. Put the oxtail in the pot and fry it, without pouring the oil. The oxtail itself contains a lot of fat, and the small fire will pour out the oil, which can be fried slightly.

  3. In addition, a casserole is poured into two-thirds of boiling water and boiled. The fried oxtail is placed in boiling water to make it float, and the foam is removed with a spoon.

  4. Carrots and potatoes are cut into the same size hobs, chopped tomatoes or broken with a cooking machine, celery cut, onion shredded

  5. Pour the onion, pour the onion into the remaining butter in the oxtail, stir-fry the scent, then pour the celery, carrots, and potatoes into the sauté, then pour the tomato or the mud and mix well, sprinkle a small amount of salt.

  6. Pour the fried side dish into the casserole and mix with the oxtail. Then pour in the ketchup and stir. Bring the fire to a small fire and cover it for 90 minutes. Remember to open the lid and stir it to prevent the potato carrot stick. Too hard to crush the potatoes and carrots, hand-folded small coriander decoration


1. I use the casserole for this dish. If the time is more urgent, you can use the pressure cooker. After steaming, turn to a small fire for 30 minutes, but I personally prefer the wait for a few hours of cooking. More erotic hahaha 2. Oxtail bought Uruguay imported oxtail, the oxtails that have been purchased in general have been cut, just wash the blood out. 3. When frying the vegetables, use the butter left by the oxtail. It's very fragrant. If you don't feel enough, you can add a small piece of butter. If you don't like too much greasy, you don't have to add it. 4. When you fry the side dish, you only need a small amount of salt. If you like to simmer for 80 minutes, please burn it for about 80 minutes. Join again, remember to taste the baby ????

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