Recipe: Own green bean sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Own green bean sprouts


The mung bean sprouts that I made are healthy and delicious. Don't eat bean sprouts sold in the free market anymore! Sharing the "cheats" of my own bean sprouts is super simple.



  1. Prepare a pot for boiling water (good light protection)

  2. Put the mung beans in the kettle for 8-10 hours (let the mung beans drink water)

  3. Pour the water out of the pot and try to drain the water. Keep the kettle next to the heater in the winter and keep the necessary temperature.

  4. Wash the beans in the pot with running tap water every morning and evening. After washing, be sure to pour the water in the pot. There is a little water problem, but the beans will be rotten and still placed next to the heater. You can eat it in 5 days.


Note: 1. In addition to opening the lid when soaking the beans for the first time, do not open the lid every time you wash! Remember! 2. The process of sending bean sprouts must be protected from light, so do not open the kettle lid, otherwise the bean sprouts will be red and bitter! 3. Where to wash the water of the beans, it is a smart person, do not repeat. 4. When the light is not turned on at night, you can open the kettle cover and touch the degree of the bean hair. It can be eaten about 2 inches. 5. In addition, choose bean sprouts is a kung fu job! 6. My experience, about 1 or 2 beans can send 3-4 two bean sprouts.

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