Recipe: Own flavor of curry cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Own flavor of curry cream


Super loves curry, but every time I always feel that there are a lot of additives in the curry block I bought outside, so I made my own curry cream~ It tastes very good and it is convenient to use.



  1. Put the oil in the pot, turn it into a small fire when it is hot, and the oil is slightly more than usual, because the flour is very oily.

  2. Into the curry powder, slowly fry with a small fire until the scent is fried. I like to add a little spiced powder together, the taste is more intense, and I don't like it.

  3. After frying the scent, put some flour (the amount of flour and curry is 1:1), don't worry about the flour sticking pot, stir fry, and when the flour and curry powder and oil are fully mixed, it will become like my picture. It is.

  4. Like people can put some soy sauce and honey to continue to fry, but the same should be fully integrated, and finally become a creamy curry cream~~~~


1, it is best to use a flat bottom non-stick pot to do ~~ 2, because there is flour in the curry paste, so when you are making curry, you must first put the vegetables and stewed, and then put the curry paste into it. After a while, it will become thick and the dish will not be cooked. ~~ 3. In addition, I feel that making curry is a process of flavouring, so even if the curry cream is not satisfied with the first time, it can be added in the later seasoning. The curry cream tastes.

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