Recipe: Overnight yogurt toast pudding

Home Cooking Recipe: Overnight yogurt toast pudding


In addition to making a French toast, this method is also a wonderful way to solve the hard toast. After a night of soaking, the toast becomes soft and moist. The moisture in the yogurt is sucked away by the toast. It becomes a creamy texture! You can add a variety of dried fruit to your taste. The first night is good. It is great to eat directly on the next morning! One layer and one layer dug to eat super satisfied. There is also the illusion of eating a thousand layers of cake hahaha ~ the original party from @马大腕儿 Thank you very much ^^ Tips must see! ! !



  1. Cut the toast into small pieces

  2. Pour a layer of yogurt under the crisper and spread a layer of toast (you can firstly dry the toast with a relatively hard toast).

  3. Spread a layer of your favorite fruit. Personally think that bananas and strawberries are good. Of course, you have to look at your personal taste.

  4. So a layer of yogurt, a layer of toast, a layer of fruit until the ingredients are all used up. Remember to pour a layer of yogurt and then spread the dried fruit, such as cranberry raisins. The taste of the dried fruit will penetrate into the yogurt after a night of soaking. in!

  5. If you are willing to add nuts, you can put it in at this time, but it will not be crispy after a night. You can put it again when you eat it the next day.

  6. Stunning the crisper on the table, let the yogurt and toast fully blend

  7. Take it out the next morning and eat it back to warm up!


1. The cover of the recipe is a version without fruit. Because the family has the right fruit = = but it is already delicious! You can choose according to your taste. 2. No special requirements for yogurt. It is best not to use the old yogurt. The gel is not easy to spread. As for the two toasts, I used 70g with 350ml yogurt just right~ the ratio can be Adjust the next 3. In fact, I think the bread side is the best raw material! It's a bit chewy but it's very moist~and the bread center is relatively soft. The water is too big. The night will become very very soft~~~~

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