Recipe: Overlord flower north and south apricot ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Overlord flower north and south apricot ribs


Now what kind of soup should we drink in the season when the moisture in the air is almost blown away by the wind? In my opinion, it is better to moisten the lungs, remove the cough and relieve cough, and solve the polydipsia. It is not only the effect of the above soup, but also in the seasons, people are most vulnerable to virus invasion. A bowl is very useful.



  1. Overlord flower is soaked and washed with water, pay attention to the sand inside

  2. Dry king flower

  3. Ribs We choose pork ribs and cut into large pieces similar to braised pork ribs. Wash with water at the same time

  4. Fig, candied dates, and north and south apricots are soaked in cold water, washed, and used. Ginger meat can be cut into large pieces

  5. Next, simmer the ribs, pay attention to the cold water pot, to the ribs broken, smash the foam, remove

  6. Heat the wok and pour a little salad oil. When the oil temperature is 60%, add the ginger slices. At the same time, put the ribs in the wok. Stir fry twice and cook the scented wine. Stir fry again and pour in the soup. And filled with boiling water. (The soup of the soup should choose a fine casserole, and now it is more fashionable to use a crock.)

  7. Put the flowers, figs, north and south apricots and candied dates into the soup, stir well, and open the fire.

  8. After the pot is opened, wait a few minutes and turn to a small fire for 2 hours.

  9. Finally, change the fire and let the soup continue to roll for 5 minutes. Turn off the fire, add salt and chicken powder to taste, and a fragrant and fragrant tyrannical flower, Nanbei apricot ribs can be served. Be careful with hot


Overlord flower: Overlord flower, also known as sword flower, tyrannical whip, measuring scale, wind and rain, false scented flowers, etc., high nutrition. Its sweetness, coolness, and into the lungs have the effect of clearing away heat, removing heat, stopping gas and pain, and arranging fire. After the king's flower soup, its flavor is fragrant and the soup is sweet and smooth. It is an excellent clearing soup. Beijing Dongjiao Wholesale Market is available for sale. Fig: Fig can be said to be a natural health food. It not only has the effects of strengthening the spleen and digestion, but also has a good effect in lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure and reducing swelling and swelling. However, if the cold or exogenous fever does not heal, it is not advisable to eat figs, because it contains more sugar, which can increase the body's heat energy. People who have a cold and have a fever may be more unwell after eating.

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