Recipe: Overlord flower chicken feet pig bone soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Overlord flower chicken feet pig bone soup


The tyrannosaurus flower, alias sword flower, and measuring the sky ruler, is a perennial succulent herbaceous plant of the cactus family, with flowers as the vegetable. Bawang is sweet and slightly cold, has rich nutritional value and medicinal value. It has obvious curative effect on treating cerebral arteriosclerosis, tuberculosis, bronchitis, cervical lymphatic tuberculosis, mumps and cardiovascular diseases. It has heat and lungs, except It is an excellent clearing soup for cough and nourishing and nourishing beauty. It is especially suitable for people who are hot and have excessive alcohol and tobacco.



  1. Overlord flower is washed first, soaked in water to soft hair, cut into sections, drained water

  2. Fig washed, carrot peeled, cut into large sections

  3. Put the water in the pot and add the pork spine and chicken feet. Cook for a while, take it out and rinse it under the tap.

  4. Put 1800ml of clear water into the pot, pour all the ingredients, boil over low heat, turn to low heat, cook for another 2 hours, season with salt.


1. The pork chop meat should be discharged before the soup, remove the blood and greasy, and the soup will be clear; 2. Clear water should be placed at one time, do not add water in the middle, so the control of the fire is very important;

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