Recipe: Overlord flower bone soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Overlord flower bone soup


Today, I use the tyrant flower to lick the bones of the pigs. Some soups are added to the candied dates. They are sweet and sweet, have the effect of clearing away heat and moistening the lungs, removing cough and relieving cough, and supplementing the lungs and replenishing qi. It is a bowl of clear soup that is especially suitable for drinking in the fall.



  1. Dry tyrant flower is soaked with water, washed

  2. Pig bones washed, drowning

  3. Put the right amount of water into the pot and add the pork bones, the tyrannosaurus, and the candied dates.

  4. After the fire is boiled, turn to low heat for 1-2 hours.

  5. Seasoning with salt can turn off the fire, and the sweet and fragrant Bawanghua bone soup can be enjoyed.


If you have a cough, add 20 grams of almonds together, the effect will be better. Many bobbins say that they won't lick soup, and it is very difficult to think of soup. In fact, soup is a very easy thing. Just pay attention to some tips, you can also give your family a pot of soup: Take out a pot of soup: 1. Selection and use skills of soups: It is better to choose a fine corrugated soup, so that the soup will taste better than the soup from other utensils. The lid should be added during the tanning, so as to reduce the evaporation of water on the one hand; on the other hand, the heat transfer performance of the pottery is poor. When the cover is heated slowly, the heat of the material inside the crucible is not easily lost, which is conducive to deliciousness. The formation of soup water. 2, the skill of grasping the water consumption of soup: The soup is made with soup and supplemented by soup. When the soup is simmered, the water is more evaporated, so the amount of water used in the soup can be increased. Generally, the ratio of solid raw material to water at the time of blanking is preferably from 1:2 to 2:5. You can also use the method of 2 bowls of water to get the water consumption of the soup. 3, mastering skills of soup soup: Soup is a long-term cooking method, and the mastery of heat and time has a great influence on the quality of the soup. Generally, first use a fierce fire to heat the soup to boiling, and then use a simmer to heat the raw material for a long time. During the heating process, some of the ingredients in the raw material are dissolved, decomposed or dispersed in the soup to form a thick glutinous rice. soup. 4, the choice of soup materials: The raw materials used in the soup are different, and the quality and effect of the soup are different. According to different seasons and climatic conditions or personal preferences, choose the right raw material soup. In the summer and autumn, the weather is hot, with umami and clear soup, it is more suitable for people's appetite, so it is suitable to choose meat that is not fat or greasy, and dry and dehydrated dried fruits and melons as raw materials; It is a good time for the human body to supplement and nursed back to health. Generally, it is necessary to use some soups that have nourishing effect and rich flavor. It can choose more raw materials with nourishing effect and rich aroma, such as chicken, sheep and longan.

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