Recipe: Oven version olive oil cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Oven version olive oil cake


I used to use a pan to burn, now I have an oven, I want to try it with baking. result... Double! Because it is the oven version, I am afraid that the cake is too hard and too dry, so I use the noodle cake, but also add yogurt to make the surface softer~~ Lard residue practice: Yogurt practice:



  1. Mix the material labeled '(cake)' into a smooth dough and ferment twice as much

  2. The fermented dough is taken out of the vent, kneaded into a smooth dough, rolled into a cylindrical shape, and cut into 12 equal parts by a knife.

  3. Take a dose and flatten it. Sprinkle a little dry flour on the panel to prevent it from sticking. Put the noodle as a bun, and pour it into a thin, thin dough in the middle. Wrap the appropriate amount of oil residue and olives, close the mouth like a steamed buns. Press the flat button and use a rolling pin to pry it into a piece of pizza.

  4. Make all the cakes in turn

  5. Preheat the oven up and down for 2-10 minutes, bake the oil paper, put 4 cakes, brush a thin layer of vegetable oil on the surface and bake it in the oven for 10 minutes.

  6. A total of three plates


1. The purpose of adding yogurt is to make the surface softer and stimulate the yeast to ferment better. 2. You can also use corn flour to discard cornmeal

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