Recipe: Oven version of red bean glutinous rice tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Oven version of red bean glutinous rice tea


I always know that glutinous rice red beans drink tea is better, before I bought red bean glutinous rice flour, when sesame paste came to drink, the taste is general, because at school, there is no way to cook with a pot. Occasionally I saw that there was a sale on a treasure, and I thought it would be better for myself. If you have a solid meal, you can also bake it. I think that red bean glutinous rice is more common, so I bought these two kinds.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Red beans and glutinous rice are cleaned and dried.

    Red beans and glutinous rice are cleaned and dried.

  2. Put it directly on the baking tray, red beans and glutinous rice should be baked separately. Because they are baked different times. Red beans, I used 15 minutes, 160 degrees, up and down the fire, taste the smell of beans, observe the color becomes dark red. I have seen that some people will choose to smash it. I feel that it is crimson. If it is too paste, it will not taste good.

  3. The color of the glutinous rice turns yellow. I don't have a very strong bean flavor. It is similar to the taste of corn. It takes about 20 minutes. Because the amount of the temper is different, the temper of the oven is different, so the time is not the same.

  4. Finally, it is good to dry the bottle, and when you drink it, take out the right amount of red bean glutinous rice and boil it in boiling water. It is best to suffocate for a while. The beautiful red bean glutinous rice tea is just fine. The more you drink, the more beautiful you are.

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