Recipe: Oven version of baked tofu skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Oven version of baked tofu skin


Baked tofu skin is my favorite in all foods in the barbecue stall. One night I want to go out and buy a few bunches back, but in the end, I still have the advantage of lazy cancer. The next day, Dad bought several pieces and came back. He planned to try it out in the oven. result! So easy is not too good! The whole journey is no more than ten minutes~ I have finished eating seven pieces of tofu skin before I think I can send a recipe, so there is no picture. If I look at it next time, I can see if I can make it up~



  1. Mix the appropriate amount of oil, ketchup, and seafood sauce to make a barbecue sauce, which is basically the same amount and consumes a little more fuel. Everyone has to adjust according to their own tastes.

  2. Spread the tin foil on the baking tray, put the tofu skin, evenly brush the grilled sauce, and then brush it with the other spices you want.

  3. Oven 200 ° C, pre-heating, I think the problem is not big, the baking pan is placed in the upper layer of the oven, baked for 2-3 minutes, see the sauce dry and OK

  4. Take out the baking tray and turn the tofu skin over. Repeat steps 2 and 3 above. Then, when Dangdang, you're done!


1. The barbecue sauce I adjusted is sweet. You can adjust it according to your own taste, or use other seasonings (such as ready-made barbecue sauce, although it has not been tried, but it should not be a problem) 2. If you think this barbecue sauce is compared Difficult to brush, you can add a little water, but the taste will be lighter, you need to brush a few times 3. Can also be replaced with your favorite spices, like to eat spicy remember to put the pepper (good reminder ah 噗) 4. Pay more attention when baking, don't burn it.

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