Recipe: Oven roast chicken leg

Home Cooking Recipe: Oven roast chicken leg


I have a younger brother at home. I usually like to eat these. I have an oven at home. I learned it. The first time is not bad.



  1. First, put the chicken legs in the water and clean them until there is no blood. Then use a toothpick or a fork to insert some holes in the chicken legs and marinate them. It is easy to taste. It is best to use a knife to cut a few knives on the chicken legs.

  2. Put the chicken legs in a large bowl and sprinkle the Orleans grilled wing marinade on the chicken legs for more than 20 hours (I usually do it the next day and pick it up the next day)

  3. After pickling, warm the oven first, then put the chicken legs in. Bake up and down for 200 minutes. Twenty-five minutes, brush a layer of honey on the chicken legs with a brush. Continue to bake.

  4. After the chicken legs are roasted, sprinkle a little white sesame on it and put it in the oven for 1 minute.

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