Recipe: Osmanthus yam

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus yam


This is the sugar osmanthus of Lao Rao's family. If the friends can't do it themselves, they can have ready-made ha. It seems that I am not advertising for his first time. The first time I bought it, I won't buy it for the first time! Hahaha, the first time is the start of the bamboo shoots ~ ~ Lao Rao is a teasing ~ ~ ~ ha ha ha. So funny boss ~ ~ ~ friends in a treasure search ''Lao Rao'' ps* his home osmanthus sauce is red Dangui, especially beautiful haha, but more full are sweet-scented osmanthus, Jianyi take two Spoon the beautiful sweet-scented osmanthus sauce to make some honey, topped up, wow, really don't be beautiful and delicious!



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Yam is a good thing, sweet-scented osmanthus is also a good thing, the combination of the two is a perfect combination, quickly do it. Little friends @@糖桂花酱下厨房市集: Nothing can buy ha, yam can be bought in the vegetable market~

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