Recipe: Osmanthus wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus wine


A total of one drunk and one pottery



  1. Fresh osmanthus flowers are picked off, washed and dried. Dried osmanthus omits this step.

  2. The sealed cans are washed and dried, and they are water-free and oil-free. A layer of osmanthus layer of rock sugar is placed in the container, leaving a certain space to come out, not too full. Then pour the white wine, no osmanthus.

  3. Seal the plastic wrap and seal it for 3 months. Ok, let the rich osmanthus fragrance fill your taste buds!


There are many varieties of sweet-scented osmanthus, and the aroma and color of Jingui are the best. Therefore, with the sweet-scented wine, the sweet-scented osmanthus wine is the most intoxicating.

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