Recipe: Osmanthus wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus wine


Osmanthus fragrans, elegant and pleasant, is the natural flower spice for making traditional cakes, sweets and wine. Of course, osmanthus can also be used to make traditional cuisine such as sweet-scented osmanthus moon cake, sweet-scented osmanthus duck, sweet-scented osmanthus wine The sweet taste of sweet-scented osmanthus can be used to warm the stomach and nourish the skin. The golden osmanthus in full bloom, with the mellow rice wine made by the mellow rice wine, is the most fragrant and pleasant. There is no fresh sweet-scented osmanthus, and the easy-to-preserved dried sweet-scented osmanthus can also be used to make excellent wines with outstanding golden color, fragrant and fragrant flowers and sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance. The osmanthus wine made by ourselves is clear and transparent, and the golden wine is delicious. The aroma is light and fresh, and it is obviously helpful to maintain beauty and maintain skin elasticity.



  1. Pour osmanthus, white sugar, add glutinous rice wine

  2. Sealed and placed in a cool place

  3. It will be 60 days later.


It is best to brew with fresh sweet-scented osmanthus. If there is no fresh sweet-scented osmanthus, use dry osmanthus without impurities and clean. The container of the wine should be very clean, sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated place.

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