Recipe: Osmanthus milk jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus milk jelly


Winter is cold and ice-making is doing summer desserts. Is it so crazy? But it’s so cool to eat in winter. The taste is like double skin milk. It’s simple to make.



  1. Pour the milk into the pot, add the sugar and condensed milk, then stir

  2. Put some hot milk on the spoon, then melt the corn starch (raw powder). If it is not dissolved, the corn starch will become granular and affect the taste.

  3. Then slowly pour the solution into the pot and stir while pouring

  4. After being slightly thick, you can turn off the flame and pour it into the bowl.

  5. After putting it in the refrigerator for two hours, take it out and slowly release it.

  6. Finally, it’s good to pour sugar osmanthus.


I took the small yellow chicken in the small lunch box. It is difficult to demould, so it broke a little.. Indecent appearance. But very delicious. The taste is very double skin milk.

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