Recipe: Osmanthus milk cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus milk cake


Hair cake is a very simple snack. When I was a child, my elders knew how to bake Western-style cakes. It was a cake, often bought and eaten, or made by oneself. The recipe is actually the same as baking a cake, but it is steamed! The material can also be changed at will to make it into a variety of flavors. This recipe comes from Butterfly's "Family staple food step by step". The original formula uses baking powder, and the amount is not small, 4g of baking powder is actually quite a lot. I will do this later, I decided to use yeast powder. Or simply send the egg white directly, just like making a cake, but using steamed, give it a try.



  1. Mix milk + egg white + fine sugar, mix evenly, melt the sugar

  2. Low-gluten flour + baking powder, sifted and mixed evenly

  3. Pour oil, in principle, as long as it is not a strong vegetable oil, you can

  4. Allow the batter to stand for 20 minutes and wake up

  5. After 20 minutes, pour in dried osmanthus and mix well

  6. Pour into a paper cup, or mold, 7 points full. Wake up for another 20 minutes

  7. After boiling in the steamer, put it into the mold. I use a paper cup, I need to put it in a small pudding mold and steam it, otherwise the batter will flow out.

  8. Steam for 12 minutes in medium heat, turn off the heat for a few more minutes

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