Recipe: Osmanthus lotus rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus lotus rice


The sweet and delicious glutinous rice bran, together with the sweet-scented osmanthus, instantly becomes taller! On the table of the big fish and meat, it is definitely a beautiful scenery.



  1. 1. Use glutinous rice for more than 5 hours. 2. Pick a large sputum. After washing, cut off one end. 3. Put the glutinous rice into the sputum. 5. Put in brown sugar and boil for two hours, pick up the slices and set the plate. 6. Burn a little sugar water, add starch to thicken, make the sugar thick, boil, add dried sweet-scented osmanthus, and stir. Will adjust the osmanthus fragrans forest on the glutinous rice bran.

  2. Add a little sugar to the sweet-scented osmanthus, and boil the powdered water. Finally, add the sweet-scented osmanthus syrup to the sputum.

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