Recipe: Osmanthus horseshoe powder egg sago

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus horseshoe powder egg sago


I searched the wood for recipes and felt that I would like to promote this simple quick-drying and moisturizing www.



  1. Soak the sago in cold water in advance, which will make it easier to cook; the horseshoe powder is mixed with water to form a slurry, and the eggs are beaten into egg liquid. If you wash more than one bowl, add the horseshoe paste and use the bowl to beat the egg.

  2. I usually cook it directly with a rice cooker and try to cook it in a pot. The steps are not bad. Add water, put rock sugar and soaked sago, cover the lid and other water to boil.

  3. When most of the sago has no white spots, stir the horseshoe syrup, add it to the sago dew while stirring, then stir slowly until the syrup is cooked.

  4. Finally, add dried osmanthus or sugar osmanthus to mix evenly, turn off the heat, and pour the excess heat into the egg liquid to form the egg flower, complete.


Dry sweet-scented osmanthus is best washed first, and finally put in order to minimize the loss of flavor, you can also choose to have a chance to put it in as you like; use sugar sweet-scented osmanthus to reduce the amount of rock sugar, after cooking, feel sweet enough Add sugar or sweet-scented osmanthus or sugar; add more horseshoe powder and mix it immediately. Stir it evenly. If it is boiled, it will be thin. You can also add milk or coconut milk and coconut milk. It is better to eat after freezing.

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