Recipe: Osmanthus fragrans

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus fragrans


Autumn is the season when a large number of lotus roots are listed. The lotus root is also a good thing for women to nourish blood. Even some people say that all the cold things can not be eaten by the mother, but they can eat the raw lotus roots~ The cat mother has also done a variety of lotus root recipes continuously. Cats come to eat, eat more cats have too long a physiological period of illness~ Sweet taste, cinnamon and nose~ Fine product, there is the taste of fine sand sand~



  1. Peel the lotus root into small pieces

  2. In the soya-bean milk machine, add rock sugar, half of dried osmanthus, and glutinous grains and water to make pulp according to the grain key; low water level line can be

  3. After the pulp is prepared, add the remaining half of the dried osmanthus to the heat.


Lotus root can: cool blood and blood, benefit blood and muscle, stop bleeding and phlegm~

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