Recipe: Osmanthus fragrans

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus fragrans


When I was a child, I will have a cold dish on the dinner table. The children are very fond of it. Sweet, sly, and the sweet taste of sweet-scented osmanthus in winter~ #找找的味道#



  1. Wash the glutinous rice and soak for one night

  2. Plan the outer skin of the cockroach, cut the lids at both ends, fill the glutinous rice into the glutinous rice, and fill it with chopsticks.

  3. Use a toothpick to fix the lid that was cut just now.

  4. Put the water in the pot without any simmering, brown sugar, boil over low heat, cook for 2 hours on low heat until the simmer is crisp.

  5. After cooling, slice the code plate, make the remaining brown sugar water thick, pour it on the chopped scallions, add the right amount of sugar osmanthus


Sugar osmanthus can be bought in the supermarket ~

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