Recipe: Osmanthus fragrans

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus fragrans



  1. Soak dried osmanthus with water

  2. Using glutinous rice flour with boiling water and forming a ball

  3. Knead rice flour into small balls by hand

  4. Add water to the pot to boil

  5. Pour the small balls into the pot and cook until the dumplings float to the surface.

  6. Add soaked osmanthus

  7. Add a few pieces of rock sugar after pouring into the wine.

  8. After the fire has boiled all the ingredients, you can


1 boiling water and noodles in order to increase the viscosity of glutinous rice flour 2 It is better to replace the sweet-scented osmanthus with sugar osmanthus 3 dried sweet-scented osmanthus soaked in water to remove dust and impurities 4 The wine is originally sweet, and the weight of the rock sugar increases or decreases according to the preference of the individual for sweetness. 5 When boiling the soup, use boiling water and cook until the water is raised. 6 Round soft glutinous rice noodles, rich in wine, sweet and sour, with sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance

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