Recipe: Osmanthus black rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus black rice cake


Autumn is coming, the sweet-scented osmanthus downstairs is very fragrant, always thinking about whether it is possible to enter the dish, it really loves the taste of sweet-scented osmanthus. Black rice contains anthocyanins, the most loved! Compared to the simple version of black rice cake, this addition to the addition of sweet-scented osmanthus, I also learned a little experience of making cakes with the whole egg liquid to make the black rice cake soft! Thinking of taking a flow chart, the result is a few steps or forget to shoot, forget it! Let's make up next time~



  1. Black rice and glutinous rice are washed with a mixture of about 10:1 and soaked for one night so that the rice grains are fully absorbed and dried for use;

  2. Prepare a clean and dry pot. Pour the dried rice into a blender and beat it into a powder. Sift it into the pot. Continue to put the granules into the blender and whipped. About 3-4 times, the pot is Fine powder;

  3. After mixing a dried osmanthus flower into the rice flour, pour the egg liquid into the black rice powder and gently mix the rice flour with the egg liquid with a spatula.

  4. Take a dry mold, apply a layer of salad oil to the bottom and inner wall to prevent sticking, pour the mixture into the mold, not too full, and the surface is smooth;

  5. Into the steamer, the cold water is steamed for 25 minutes, and then the mold is removed.


Let me know a few more words~ The black rice does not need to be completely dry, and it is placed in a cool place. Finally, the sieve is not dripped in the basket, and it is not so sticky to each other. The surface is bright and touched with a purple color on the hand. One egg corresponds to a small bowl of rice after drying. If there is a lot of rice, add some water before mixing the egg mixture and mix the rice flour. Also, it is better to send the whole egg liquid to keep the basin in a warm water to maintain a certain temperature. The black rice cake will not be so cool when it is cool. Sprinkle some water in the microwave oven for about 45 seconds before eating.

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