Recipe: Orleans Grilled Wings (Electric Rice Cooker Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Orleans Grilled Wings (Electric Rice Cooker Edition)


People without an oven can't afford it! Rice cooker saves the earth!



  1. The chicken wings are cleaned, and a few holes are made with a toothpick and dried slightly.

  2. Add the Orleans marinade and water to the dried chicken wings and mix well. Then marinate in the refrigerator for one night.

  3. Put a little oil in the rice cooker and pour the chicken wings and marinade into the rice cooker. Press the button for cooking.

  4. Look around fifteen minutes to see if you need to turn over and cook for another five minutes or so. OK.


1. The hole will be a bit of a taste. 2, the rice cooker is different, the time may be different, so how much time you look at yourself, probably about the same. The practice is much the same!

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