Recipe: Original steamed pineapple rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Original steamed pineapple rice


In the chapter "When you come to eat brunch", "Good rice has a glorious" chapter [to eat together] is the latest series of books published in the kitchen, @Pan Xiaoyue's "to eat brunch together", @晴小超人的》 Let's eat afternoon tea together, @小小H's "to eat light dinner together" 3 components, the perfect weekend for the food squad, is to eat from morning till night! 3 books have exclusive offers together: Thanks for your support! There are many practices for pineapple rice. There are steamed and fried foods. Most of the fried rice will be fried with shrimp, green beans, corn and carrots. Most of the steamed will put raisins and sugar. In fact, nothing is put, the steamed pineapple rice is also very delicious, full of pineapple when steaming, very attractive. Many people will choose to wash the rice directly into the pineapple and steam it. However, if you accidentally dig the pineapple, it will be very difficult to cook. Even if it is not leaking, if you want to steam the glutinous rice to the point where it tastes right, it will take an hour or two, otherwise it will be easy to sandwich. Therefore, I would prefer to steam the glutinous rice in a rice cooker and then steam it in the pineapple for twenty minutes. It may not be as good as direct steaming into the pineapple, but it is faster. I actually think that the pineapple taste is quite good. #乐购TESCO优鲜下厨房-水果#



  1. Half and half of glutinous rice and rice, soaked in water for three or four hours in advance, put into a rice cooker, and steamed rice with steamed rice in peacetime.

  2. Take a pineapple and cut off some of the leaves too long. Then cut a piece at the side of about 1/5 of the side, when the lid.

  3. Dig out the pineapple pulp and cut into small pieces at will. After the steamed rice is steamed, mix in the rice and mix well. How much can be based on my own preferences, I have not used it all, and some have eaten directly.

  4. Mix the pineapple pulp and glutinous rice evenly into the pineapple and cover the piece of “cover” that was first cut.

  5. Boil the water in the steamer, add the pineapple, cover the lid, and steam for 20 minutes.


Steamed glutinous rice puts less water than steamed rice, and the amount of water is almost just over the rice. Pineapple uses the Hainan Golden Pineapple @本生活~~

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