Recipe: original muffin

Home Cooking Recipe: original muffin


Muffin jam is definitely the best snack for afternoon tea. Fang Zi comes from: "35 super easy snacks crash class" by Xiao Yan rumi teacher



  1. Mix low-powder, baking powder and sugar into a bowl

  2. The butter is melted into a liquid in a microwave, and the milk, eggs and butter are placed in another bowl and mixed with a whisk.

  3. Put (2) in the bowl of (1) and keep stirring until there is no powder feeling.

  4. *** Stirring method: Start slowly from the center with a small circle of 1 second and 1 turn, then slowly increase the circle range until the powder around the bowl is mixed into the batter and stir vigorously with a large circle. -6 down. Note: It does not matter if there is any agglomeration at this time. Do not stir until smooth. ***

  5. Butt the pan/muffin machine, wipe off the excess oil with a kitchen towel, divide the batter into 3 rounds, and slowly roast over low heat. When the front side starts to dry, it can be reversed.


It's good to mix with syrup, jam and butter, and it saves time and effort. Come and make a homemade muffin on the weekend morning :)

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