Recipe: Original fried banana

Home Cooking Recipe: Original fried banana


There are a few fried bananas on the kitchen, but it is not sugar, honey, etc. In my opinion, the beauty is beautiful, but... will it be too sweet... The banana itself is quite high in sugar, so don’t increase the burden, the original taste, the heat, it’s delicious~



  1. Non-stick pan, no oil, heat in medium and small heat.

  2. The banana is cut in half from the middle. It doesn't matter which side is fried first. See the degree of frying according to your taste. I like the softness of the picture, the golden yellow is good~


Don't be too familiar with bananas. Buy imported bananas, not as good as domestic soft glutinous rice, put it on the balcony and eat it very cold. Take the pan and fry it. Instantly delicious~ Eat up early, happiness~

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