Recipe: Original coconut stewed bird's nest

Home Cooking Recipe: Original coconut stewed bird's nest



  1. First, soak the bird's nest for 2-3 hours, then go to the market to buy an old coconut, ask the store to help open a mouth on the top of the coconut, do not pour out the coconut juice, and carefully take it home like a baby! Haha

  2. Wash the washed bird's nest, what impurities, fluff can be cleaned, put it into the coconut, then put the right amount of rock sugar, then put the coconut into the pot, remember to put a small shelf under the coconut and a small dish for stability Coconut. Finally, the fire is boiled and then transferred to a small fire for about 2 hours.


1: Stew well, you can add milk, nutrition is more comprehensive! 2: It is best to choose old coconut for stew, and the store says that the old coconut is more intense than the tender coconut! 3: The size of the coconut is different, so the steaming time depends on the situation.

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