Recipe: Original 盅 coconut stew Chuanbei pork bone soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Original 盅 coconut stew Chuanbei pork bone soup


Chuanbei is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine. The traditional effect is to moisten the lungs, relieve cough and phlegm. The coconut is rich in nutrients, which can produce diuretic and diuretic, treat fever, and the flesh is good for gas, cold and cold, and it has the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing. The original 盅 coconut stew Chuanbei pork bone soup is sweet and delicious, with a strong flavor, combined with the effect of clearing away heat and relieving cough and strengthening body and emollient, suitable for dry weather in autumn and winter.



  1. Wash the coconut and cut a small mouth;

  2. The pig bones are washed and cut into small pieces, and the blood is removed.

  3. Open the coconut chop and pour in a third of the coconut juice;

  4. Put the prepared pork bones and Chuanbei into the coconut bowl;

  5. Cover the coconut cover, put it into the pot, and simmer for a clock;

  6. After one hour, open the lid and add a small amount of salt to serve.

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