Recipe: Original coconut-like oyster stewed chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Original coconut-like oyster stewed chicken


Image source network text source "煲一碗靓汤" A coconut trick - the original coconut, Huai-Yi stewed fresh chicken preparation and cooking time: 3.5 hours of what merit: Yiqi beauty, nourishing stomach, nourishing liver, kidney What is the disease: physical weakness, weak kidney and a soup: do not look at the coconut is not good, in fact, it is all treasure. Coconut flakes, coconut milk and coconut oil all have certain medicinal value, which can strengthen the body and benefit the beauty. The chicken that is added to the soup can nourish the liver and make up the deficiency. The Huaishan and the sputum have certain benefits for the stomach and kidney. Put it together, the body's five internal organs have been moisturized. Tips: Coconut is a natural hard bone. It is very difficult for you to get it at home, so you should ask the store to do it at the time of purchase.



  1. When buying coconut, please ask the store to cut a third of the top shell, remove the juice and leave it, keep the shell intact, and wash and drain the water for later use.

  2. Wash the fresh chicken, simmer it in small pieces, drain the water for use; wash the pork lean meat and cut into small diced. Wash the water with Huaishan and drain the water for later use.

  3. The coconut is fixed in a bowl, put all the ingredients into the coconut, and add the coconut juice to the full 90%.

  4. Cover the coconut top shell, seal the top shell with stewed gauze paper, stew for 3 hours in the middle of the fire, add salt to drink.

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