Recipe: Original butter cookie

Home Cooking Recipe: Original butter cookie


This recipe is my own taste based on the various combinations on the Internet. The sweet taste of the moderate milk is also quite good. Ha> ▽<[ The best products are also ~ often do cookies, so record your favorite part of the time, everyone can also sing with me ~ (*≧m≦*)



  1. Cut the butter into small pieces and soften at room temperature. Softened to a state without a hard core inside

  2. Gently press the butter with a spatula

  3. Beat with a whisk to smooth

  4. Add fine sugar and powdered sugar and continue to whipped until the butter is smooth and slightly bulky

  5. Add the beaten egg liquid and whipped cream in three portions, each time whipping to complete fusion and then adding it next time (to prevent water and oil separation)

  6. After the mixing is complete, the butter should be in a fluffy, creamy white cream (if not, continue to whipped gently, but be careful not to overheat the butter)

  7. Add vanilla extract and mix evenly

  8. Sift into the powder and mix well with a spatula

  9. Put the silicone flower bag into the mouth of the flower and add the batter to the batter.

  10. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes to the edge slightly yellowed


Every time I make a cookie, the biggest problems I have encountered are: 1. Very difficult to squeeze 2. The pattern is difficult to maintain 3. The taste is not crisp enough. I think that as long as the butter is 130g powder 200g liquid 50g is roughly the proportion of the finished product. Very good (refer to @君之的的曲奇奇) For example, eggs and whipped cream in the side can be replaced by egg liquid or replaced with egg-free whipped cream cookies if there is no whipping cream. Adding the same amount of matcha powder becomes a matcha cookie, reducing 20g into a cocoa cookie* ́∀`) baking is a magical collocation process, you can make a different taste with a little change! When I came up, I said that the scope of this recipe can be changed. Everyone knows that the cookie is hard to squeeze, especially in the big winter, it is just death! ! ! But please dear, don't add liquids at will! Otherwise it will spread into a cake when grilled! ! Because the amount of square is large, I suggest that everyone squeeze the cookie into the silicone flower bag. The small amount of batter is better. If it is difficult to squeeze, it can be placed on the radiator for a while. . . Really can't do it directly, it's cooked directly (┬_┬). It's very suitable for making cookies in warm weather~ The ratio of sugar powder and fine sugar in this recipe is very reasonable. I don’t think it is very sweet. Everything is just right. It should be noted that the powdered sugar can not be omitted. The powdered sugar determines the butter to some extent. And the use of high-powder in the square is related to the beautiful pattern of the cookie~ Helps the stability of the pattern (╯3╰)╮

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