Recipe: Original Black Sesame Paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Original Black Sesame Paste


Let Jerry, who loves hot dry noodles and all the sesame, wait for a long time. I finally did it myself. Hot dry noodles with this sesame sauce in the evening Is the most successful one in the history of hot dry noodles. After I succeeded, I knew that what I used to do was sesame sauce noodles at best. The hot dry noodles are really different from the normal noodles! Must explain that he is a sesame sauce master Looking for a sesame sauce when I see a supermarket from China to the UK Tahini is not a common stuff in the UK Chickpea sauce is more popular After he went to the supermarket, he found it in a store that specializes in selling healthy food. I don’t know if it’s in the Middle East or Iran. Sesame sauce is also a commonly used sauce in the Middle East. But the taste is still a little different from ours. Beijing's sesame sauce is much higher quality than the one sold in Guangzhou. But the ingredients inside are still incomparable with what you do. I did not use a lot of sesame oil but used extra virgin olive oil. This way you can eat more confidently and not easily worry that too much fat will gain weight. If you care about the taste of sesame, it is better to use sesame oil. That will have a more sesame aroma If you use white sesame seeds, it is the kind of white sesame sauce that is commercially available. Make a weight of around 250ML



  1. Black sesame seeds are sautéed in a pan. I used cooked sesame seeds but still fried them. If they are raw sesame seeds, they should be slowly fried and sautéed on low heat.

  2. Pour the fried sesame into the blender, first beaten into sesame powder, then pour the oil into a uniform paste. It will take a little longer to be even, and keep it in this state without precipitation.


Because of the use of extra virgin olive oil, it needs to be stored refrigerated

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