Recipe: Original beef tendon - collagen can be seen, hydrated skin to drink!

Home Cooking Recipe: Original beef tendon - collagen can be seen, hydrated skin to drink!


This is a soup that will stick together when your mouth is finished. This is a soup that will brighten and brighten the skin the next day. This is a soup that tastes good and fried, and it is super lazy. What are you still hesitating! 288! Just 288! Eight hearts and eight diamonds dual card dual standby long standby 96 hours, only charge two hours, the spirit of a whole day! you deserve to have. But not a cosmetic, but a beauty and warming soup, raising the inside and outside.



  1. The tendon should be immersed in pepper, fresh green pepper, and rattan pepper for at least 4 hours. The soaked blood should be replaced continuously throughout the process.

  2. A small piece of ginger is cut into thin slices, and three shallots are thrown into the casserole and placed in a cleaned beef tendon. Put the cold water into the casserole and put it in the casserole. After the fire is boiled, continue to simmer for fifteen minutes, then turn to a small fire and slowly simmer.

  3. Generally speaking, after two hours, the tendon will gradually disintegrate from a very tough texture, and gradually transform into a soft and smooth taste.

  4. After four hours, the soup will change from transparent colorless to thick milky white, which is full of thick collagen.

  5. Add salt, chicken, and white pepper to the pan.


1. Generally, the pepper is used in the dish to bring the taste to the numbness and to the whole dish. But if we only use it as a soak, it will not have much impact on the taste of the ingredients. The tendon treated by this process will be disposed of by its own odor, replaced by the soft, spicy woody notes of peppercorns, fresh but not irritating. 2. Lazy version of beef tendon soup can be free of soaking water steps, direct cold water into the casserole stewed and cleaned floating foam can be. 3. After cooking, the soup is thick and thick, sprinkle with a piece of parsley, fresh and simmered, giving the soup a little too much balance. One bite, the beef tendon is soft and tender, and after a long time of stewing, it turns from sticky to sticky, quite a bit of the feeling of eating fish head and fish lips. 4. All kinds of beauty media are promoting the efficacy of oral collagen--"a bottle in the morning on an empty stomach, so that your skin is full and moist every day", but it is not known that macromolecular collagen is rarely used by the human body. of. In the early morning, come to such a bowl of thick beef tendon soup, you can see the collagen.

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