Recipe: Oreo cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Oreo cake


The most common hurricane cake with Oreo cookies It’s not long before you start to touch the baking. It only makes a hurricane, but occasionally wants to turn over the pattern. So I made an ordinary cake. But I don't know how to spend it. Nothing~ All posted on Oreo will not be worth it~嘿嘿



  1. The egg yolk egg white is separated, and the egg white is hardly beaten, and 30 grams of powdered sugar is added in three portions.

  2. Break the egg yolk, add 50 grams of milk, 30 grams of oil, 15 grams of sugar, 1 gram of salt and mix well

  3. Sift the flour and starch, mix well, mix well

  4. Mix the egg white after the method into the egg yolk batter, stir in a small amount and mix well, then mix well and stir well. (Do not stir in one direction, it will defoam)

  5. Pour into a 6-inch mold, the mold can be oiled or padded with oil to facilitate demolding. The oven is preheated for 150 minutes at 150 degrees and baked for about 20 minutes (each oven is different)

  6. Release the mold, cut into three pieces, and let it dry. 120 grams of whipped cream with 10 grams of powdered sugar

  7. Oreo black and white separation, the biscuit part is placed in the fresh-keeping bag, crushed with a rolling pin, the pressure is as fine as possible, and the sandwich is mixed and applied to the inner layer of the cake.

  8. Put a layer of cake, apply the cream and sandwich after the hair, sprinkle with Oreo biscuits, topped with a layer of cake, and on the side of the lid can also be coated with cream and cream, the effect is sticky. The second layer is repeated once.

  9. After the inner layer is finished, apply cream on the surface and sides, scrape flat, and spread the whole cake with thick Oreo. In a way that you can think of, you can't see the inner layer of cream with Oreo's crumbs. Yes, the surface can be sprinkled more.

  10. The surface is filled with complete Oreo biscuits and Oreo egg rolls, decorated with strawberries. Good-looking Oreo cake finish!


Too lazy to buy low-gluten flour, use ordinary flour mixed corn starch 4:1 solution Compared to the general hurricane formula, when I do this, the sugar will be slightly less, because Oreo itself is very sweet, do not want to eat too much sugar, the rest will refer to the standard hurricane cake. I use Nestle milk for the cream... I can't really beat it, but I don't have to spend any time, as long as I can stick the Oreo biscuits. Forgive me for being lazy. In fact, I used the Oreo biscuits directly. The sandwich is too sweet. It’s not bad to put it together, but it’s used although I did take out a pack of Oreo, but no Dare to put the sandwich inside the cake. As for how Oreo is sprinkled, I can only say, don't be too lady, just go on it... It's okay to get rid of it with your hands... just paste it up... Um... for the time being...

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