Recipe: Ordinary pot turned into a non-stick pan

Home Cooking Recipe: Ordinary pot turned into a non-stick pan


Simple, healthy, and quickly throw away your home coating pot!



  1. 1. Clean the pot, pour a little white vinegar, and continue to heat until it is nearly hot. 2. Apply hot vinegar to the inner surface of the pot. After brushing it several times, pour off the white vinegar and rinse with water. 3. Heat up on high heat until all the water in the pot has evaporated. 4. When the pot is already hot, turn to medium heat and pour in the cooking oil, then shake and turn continuously to ensure that the inner surface of the pot sticks to the oil. At this time, use medium and small fire to keep the temperature, at least let the oil stay in the pot for two or three minutes. 5. Turn off the heat after two or three minutes, then drain the oil after cooling, then wash the pot with water and detergent, dry it, you will find that the inside of the pot is very shiny, at this time, your stainless steel pot has turned Non-stick pan!


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