Recipe: Ordinary flour white toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Ordinary flour white toast


Far from the big supermarket, online shopping flour is expensive! Trying to use ordinary flour as a toast can be done with good results. It is still very good to eat jam at breakfast! ~And no pressure, no need for a lot of oil



  1. Mix all the materials into a dough, cover with plastic wrap, then put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then take it out and peel it out. (Hand-made 揉 is the post-oil method) I used the ordinary powder to pull out the glove film... The oven fermentation function is about 40 minutes, don't send it.

  2. If you don't want to knead yourself, you can use the bread machine, the kneading function (the bread machine comes with the procedure for 20 minutes and then ferment for 70 minutes). All the materials are thrown into the bread machine~~ (but the bread machine can't avoid the black shaft.) Oil black powder, so I went to buy a chef machine...)

  3. Take out the noodles and divide them into 3 portions, vent them, roll them into a 450g toast mold, put them into the oven, use the fermentation function for 40 minutes, and basically send them to 8 points.

  4. Take the toast box out of the oven, preheat 165 degrees, and cover the lid of the toast box. After preheating, put it in the oven for 38 minutes, take it out and open the box. Pour it out and let it cool on the grid. (Three can not be melted 450g toast mold can be poured out directly, very good demoulding!)


Flour different milk should be added as appropriate, increase 10g or reduce 10g, if the egg is not added, you can increase the amount of milk, change the milk into water, or you can directly make a round bread without the toast. Anyway, I used to do this, and it was the night before and the dough was fermented. The whole loaf was placed in a baking tray (or in the mold, the bottom of the mold was not baked very hard) and then covered with plastic wrap. Put it in the refrigerator. When you get up in the oven the next morning, take the breadball out of the baking tray. Sometimes you will brush the egg liquid. After preheating, put it in and bake for 20 minutes, then fresh bread. ! ~~

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