Recipe: Orchid abalone

Home Cooking Recipe: Orchid abalone


The seemingly advanced restaurant cuisine can be completed at home. As long as you choose the right cooking method, you can make a perfect finished product at home.



  1. Dried abalone foam: This time the mini abalone (dry) is about 5g, and the size of the big finger is so small, so the bubble is extra simple. If the larger dry abalone can also be used for this method, it is necessary to extend the soaking time. 1: Mini-boiled abalone rinsed with clean water, placed in a clean and oil-free pot, added water without a dry abalone knuckle, wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in a freezer for 24 hours. 2: Take it out the next day and pour off the water. At this point, the mini-bamboo has softened, washed one abalone, removed the impurities, and put it back in the basin. Adding clear water did not pass abalone knuckles. Put it on the fire and turn it off, then turn it off and cover it until the water cools. After cooling, pour off the water and refill with water. Wrap the plastic wrap and put it in a freezer for 24 hours. 3: Take out on the third day and change the water. Continue to soak in the freezer for 24 hours. 4: Take out on the fourth day, it is almost the same. If the dry abalone is not so dry, it is usually about the third day. The most important thing is to soak and change water. Put it in the refrigerator at low temperature, the effect will be more consistent. If the abalone is large, then in step 1: soak for 48 hours, step 2: repeat for two days, and the soaking time for another 1-2 days should be almost the same. The same method is used for soaking sea cucumbers! Because of the long time of foaming, it is recommended to have a little more hair, and it can be stored frozen for several months.

  2. After the abalone is soaked, first bake the abalone with boiling water for 5 minutes to remove the astringency of the surface. When roasting, add a little bit of Huadiao or rice wine to the clam.

  3. After ironing, remove the abalone, add the broth, oyster sauce and rock sugar to a clean pot or corrugated pot. Stew the ginger slices for about 1 hour until the abalone is softened and easily penetrate with chopsticks. Add salt to adjust the taste, put in the old and adjust the color, if you want thick soup, you can hook some cockroaches. Note: Cooked abalone must be covered and slowly cooked over low heat.

  4. Add the water to the wok, some salt and a teaspoon of cooking oil, boil and add the broccoli. After picking up, put the shape, put a good abalone and pour some abalone sauce.


Usually I will make some dry abalones at a time, and then freeze them in a freezer in a freezer. When I eat it, I can get back. It’s great for the banquet. The portion of the broth can be made with old chicken, chicken rack, pork bone, keel, ham, etc. Or directly purchase the boxed finished soup is also easier.

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