Recipe: Orange yoghurt pudding

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange yoghurt pudding


The first recipe here is dedicated to desserts that I have never been good at. This pudding method is simple for frying chicken, cheap materials, 0 turnover rate. The first time a dessert girl can try to see 哟~ No oven, no cream (of course, it is better to eat, but it’s too expensive to use ╮(╯▽╰)╭) Let's start now~ Follow Memei to cook ヾ(*'▽`*)ノ彡☆ノヽノヽノヽ



  1. Ready to work! Cut the orange peel down thinly, don't cut it first, then it won't taste any more. Then squeeze out the orange juice. The fish film is soaked in cold water~

  2. The milk + sugar is heated in a small milk pot until the sugar melts, and the fish film is soaked (squeeze the water before putting it on)~ >▽< )

  3. Stir until the fish film melts, cool until not hot, add yogurt, orange juice, stir well ~ (cooling is to prevent lactic acid from being destroyed! [Like the Rockets 噗)

  4. Pour the prepared pudding solution into a pudding bottle or another container~ Wait for the coagulation~ This time you can chop the orange peel~

  5. It is good to sprinkle orange peel on the surface after solidification~rLet's move! ~(@^_^@)~


Here is the amount of about three pudding cups~ If you like a refreshing taste, you can add more orange juice. If you like it, add some cream. Remember that a piece of fish film (that is, gelatin) can solidify 200ml~ Let's cheer up~ I look forward to your attempts! !

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