Recipe: Orange yoghurt hurricane

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange yoghurt hurricane


The season of oranges ( ́ ▽ ` ) When I was a child, I felt that the strange orange cake was the heart of my heart. I added homemade yogurt. The soft and soft taste of the milk cheese told me what to say?!! "You deserve it!" "Please read the small stickers before the 17cm chimney operation. What?"



  1. Egg yolk paste using egg method: oil + yogurt + orange juice stirred until emulsified flour sifted, added (gentle stirring to prevent glutinous orange dander from being thrown in, thrown in and finally added 4 egg yolk to stir into a uniform thick and delicate texture Take the blade pressure

  2. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius; 4 protein plus all sugar to take one-third of the protein to the egg yolk paste, mix and take one-third to the egg yolk paste, cut the mixed egg yolk paste into the remaining protein, draw the eight characters Stir well without seeing the protein color

  3. Bake: 170 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes (please adjust according to your own oven temperament to prevent baking!!


The po owner has used the least amount of sugar in order to maximize the aroma of the orange!! It only has a vague sweet taste but orange mouth full of mouth (selling and boasting really wants to scrape the orange peel to be thin! Thin!! Try to avoid the white part bitter.. If adopted Commercially available yoghurt, increase or decrease the amount of sugar as appropriate. When you bake, don't watch the drama, focus on TAT

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