Recipe: Orange salmon steak

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange salmon steak


Light orange flavor - orange salmon steak



  1. Wash the squid and cut it into large pieces. When cutting, you can remove the big thorn in the middle.

  2. Cut the squid pieces into a container, add salt, cooking wine, and pepper to marinate for a while.

  3. Pickling the squid for two times, take the oranges for two, and take half of the orange juice.

  4. Prepare three small bowls, each of which is filled with flour, egg liquid, bread crumbs, and the marinated salmon pieces are wrapped in flour, egg liquid, and bread crumbs.

  5. Take a small milk pot, pour in the right amount of oil, and burn it to 50% heat, then squid into pieces of squid and fry until golden brown.

  6. Take the big dish, put the fried squid into a dish, boil the orange juice that has just been squeezed out, simmer it with water starch, and then pour it on the squid block.

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